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“It’s about moderation and not deprivation.”

I was born in Taiwan, grew up in Belize, went to university in Canada, worked and lived in Korea. I’m what you’d probably called a ‘TCK’. As a third-culture Flexitarian (because I literally would try anything), I often slip foreign slangs and accents (hardly Asian) into my English and have a love-hate relationship with the question “Where are you from?” I mostly indulge in French, Italian, Portuguese, Mexican and all the cuisines in the West while finding comfort in exotic Asian soups and have an unhealthy third-culture craving for maple bacon donuts, ice cream and Pocky. I enjoy raw vegan style cooking as much as I enjoy Lumberjack Stack or fried chicken waffle. I get nervous when I need to enter ‘permanent address’ or hear ‘settle down’ and get homesick when reading National Geographic. So I travel extensively because home isn’t a place, it’s the people in it and food (chewing) is the perfect medium that brings it all together. Keep chewing with CHEN CHEW!

Join me on all the occasions to enjoy:

  • Sincere ingredients
  • Exemplary preparation
  • Artistic presentation

Let’s collab becuase it’s always fun – kristin.kh.chen@gmail.com