A Healthy Start to 2015 – OatBox Gets up Early so We Don’t Have To!

One of the goals I’ve set out for myself this year is to live a healthier lifestyle. In order to achieve this, I’ve come up with action items with one of them being – Eat Breakfast Everyday! “My friends and I always find ourselves in a hurry and never had the time to eat healthy breakfast in the morning,” says Laurent Laferrière. “There’s nothing that’s quick, wholesome, yet interesting.” And so the four guys (Marc-Antoine Bovet, Jean-François Kabbani, Laurent Laferrière and Pierre-Luc Laparé) co-founded OatBox with the mission to change this. Thanks to their monthly curated granola mixes, my 2015 has been off to a yummy, healthy start!

OatBox launched in November 2014 with their Apple Crumble and Pumpkin Spice mixes. It is a service that delivers two seasonally-inspired, artisanal granola mixes every month right at your door (or office desk). The non-repeating granola recipes are original and handcrafted by Chef Julie Zyromski, who’s also the owner of Pierre et Pierre on St. Denis. Made with healthy and natural ingredients, their granola mixes are 60% organic and never stay longer than 40 hours on the shelf before shipping.

Granola’s contradictions go way back. Some might debate that the supposedly healthy granola is laced with sugar and fats. However, I believe that being healthy is all about moderation and not deprivation (and staying active). That being said, I always need to nibble from a ramekin just to make sure I don’t run the risk of emptying my precious bag by accident!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetThe December gift box (Chai Tea Roasted Pineapple mix and Cranberry, Rosemary & Cocoa Nibs mix) came beautifully wrapped with a glass jar and a festive personal touch. I was so excited and made a ‘breakfast in-a-jar’ right away at work.

dates1citron2To start the new year on the right note, OatBox’s January mixes include Thyme, Lemon, Flaxseeds  and Ginger, Dates,Walnuts (photos taken from www.oatbox.com) that will give a zesty kick to power through.

Don’t have time? Fed up with breakfast medleys? Why not give OatBox subscription a try. Delivery (Canada & US) is on them and you can skip a month whenever you want to.

Online Subscription, $20 per month, Notable Value, Free & Fast Delivery, Breakfast