Fried Chicken & Beer Please (Chi-Maek) @ Mon Ami – Korean Restaurant

Mon Ami (모나미) is the new kid on the NDG block! If you think Korean food only equals kim-chi (fermented cabbage) and spicy food then think again and think FRIED CHICKEN! Unlike typical American fried chicken, Korean friend chicken has a very thin crust and is fried twice to make it even crunchier, crispier and less greasy.

After living in Korea for more than 2 years, I sometimes have this unreasonable chi-maek (치맥) craving (the Korean acronym for chicken & beer). Wait no more! Mon Ami offers a variety of typical Korean fried chicken choices from original (no sauce) to garlic soy and sweet seasoning (my favorite).

This new little neighborhood gem also offers other conventional Korean dishes for anyone to explore. But in any case, remember to try their fried chicken, bring some of your own beer and you’ll have a match made in heaven!

For references, there’re 2 other restaurants that specialize in fried chicken here in Montreal:

  • The Basak (opened last week) on 1237 rue Guy
  • DaWa on 6135 Sherbrooke West

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In this photo – $10.99 for half chicken (came with 7 pieces) – 양념치킨/Marinated fried chicken (OMG they were delish)!

In this photo – $8.99 – 라볶이/Spicy and sweet Korean style rice cake with vegetables, fishcakes, and ramen noodle (one of the most popular Korean street food dishes).

Our meal came with all the sides dishes (aka ban-chan) including kim-chi, seaweed, pickled cabbage (salad and picked radish come with the fried chicken). We also paired the meal with a $7.99 – 된장찌개/Korean bean paste stew with tofu (vegetarian).

Mon Ami (모나미)| 6290 Ave Somerled Montreal, QC H3X 2B6 | 514.439.2580 |

*Closed on Tuesdays

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