Free Cupcake Day 2014 @ Les Glaceurs

The FREE CUPCAKE DAY is back at Les Glaceurs!

On Wed., Oct 15th (jot it down in your calendar), Les Glaceurs is celebrating their 7th anniversary and offering 1 free cupcake of your choice (1 per person). This year, Les Glaceurs have chosen to dedicate their Free Cupcake Day donations to support Moisson Montreal, the largest food bank on the island of Montreal.

This is the day to pamper and treat yourself to a delicious, moist, fluffy Les Glaceurs cupcake. And don’t forget to donate! See you all there!

Available locations:

*See their Facebook event page here.

I believe in original content (texts & images). I didn’t have any presentable Les Glaceurs cupcake photo to go with this post but still really wanted to share! So purely for posting purpose, this is a Red Velvet I had in Korea and not from Les Glaceurs.